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Jewish Recipes --> Living kosher is living like a Jew

All questions of Kosher and Kashrut should be directed to a reliable Rabbi

Which came first - the Chicken or the Egg?

It doesn't matter which came first - So it is the Chicken - just where does it find food?  And if it is the egg, just how does it live?

Water came first and then food.  You can only live one or three days without water and only a few weeks without food.

Look at the Creation of the world - from total chaos and darkness to Adam and Chavah and on the 7th day they should have enter total and complete Shabbat.

Nothing in Gad Eden needed to wait for its needs. G-d proved.

Evolution tells us it took millions and billions of years to form the universe and all living things.  Millions of years for animals to evolve.

  • Snakes to evolve with fangs and poison to catch the mouse....

  • Birds to evolve and fly away from the cat....

  • Spider to will it body to change, develop and design the web to catch the fly...

  • Mother to nurse her baby - where does she find the food she needs?

If evolution is true - what is missing? Time to develop

The things that ties all living things to the world is water, food, sleep, reproduction and death

When do we need water and food?

Now or in millions of years of trail and error?

Dehydration and Starvation is the reward of those that believe it all came into existence by accident, trail and error.

The Jews wandered in the desert for 40 years and what fell from heaven?  Food

Without water and fod now, life is only temporary at best and short lived.

Even if you have food - how do you eat it? The whole digestive process is complicated and if evolution is correct we had time for millions of years to develop.  My sons can't even wait five minutes for food - but all life had time millions and millions of year?

Food is something that makes us apart of this world. Tied to it.  All mitzvah are tied to food, giving charity, learning Torah, building a mikvah, writing a Torah Scroll, giving birth - without food we can do none of these things.  You can not even love without the G-d giving nourishment of food.

Without food we can not live... We all have heard the famous line, "Man does not live by bread alone...."

What does it mean? The verse comes from Torah [Deuteronomy 8:3] and is a reference to the miraculous manna, which fell from heaven daily during the Jewish people's sojourn in the wilderness. The conclusion of the verse is that "rather, by the utterance of God's mouth does man live." Thus, it is reminding us about the true source of human sustenance.

When do we need Food - Now, give Thanks to HaShem.

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