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Jewish Recipes --> Recipes --> Jewish Cooking --> by Rosalyn "Reyezele" Kirkel - Jewish Denver / Jewish Cooking and Jewish Recipes

Rosalyn "Reyezele" Kirkel

Denver, Colorado USA
President, Colorado Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust

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Holocaust Survivor Cookbook

Recipes your family will enjoy......Stories they will never forget

Jews and Christians had co-existed relatively peacefully in Lithuania (a Baltic country the size of Ireland) from 1316 to 1941. Then the onslaught.  With Hitler's forces' imminent arrival.  Lithuanian nationalist and right-wing extremist armed and funded by the Germans and driven by ideological anti-Semitism, began a bloodbath of the Jews. 

The following is my story:

November 5th, 1943 was the infamous day of the "kinderaktion," (children's action).  My mother got wind of it and before she went to work, hid us three children in the attic, admonishing us to be very quiet.

Once the workers left, large empty tarp-covered trucks drove through Traku Ghetto, loudspeakers blaring orders that all the children were to loaded on the trucks immediately.  Orders alternated with loud music to drown out the screams of children.  Dogs were brought in to sniff out any hidden children.

At first a thug,, (Lithuanian collaborator) assisting the Germans did not find us and left the attic.  But then Leibel, my four year-old brother pulled away.  "I have to pee."

The thug heard the commotion and ran up the steps, grabbed the terrified child and threw him on the truck.  Eight hundred children and 23 adults were transported to Auschwitz that day and murdered.

When my mother returned home and found her son gone, she fainted.  The next day she decided that since I was still small, maybe a Lithuanian family would take me for safekeeping.

My mother beseeched Bella, a ghetto acquaintance who had smuggled out her little girl.  She talked to her Lithuanian in-laws.  Her father in-law's sister Elena Yakubitiene and her husband agreed to take the risk and hide me.

Bravely, Bella smuggled me out early one morning, hidden inside her coat....

Read Rosalyn "Reyezele" Kirkel's complete fascinating story on page 332 in Holocaust Survivor Cookbook and try her family recipes!

According to Joanne Caras, each cookbook sold creates three "mitzvahs," or good deeds, namely raising money for charities, supporting the soup kitchen in Israel, and, perhaps most important, honoring all Holocaust survivors by keeping their stories alive for generations to come. The recipes include breads, Kugels and Desserts, in addition to traditional Passover dishes such as Matzo Dumpling Soup.

Get you copy today from Jewish Recipes: Denver, Colorado Holocaust Survivor Cookbook


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