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Jewish Recipes --> Recipes -->  Jewish Cooking --> Submitted by: Nancy Larner

Jewish Recipes

Nancy Larner

A Mouse in the Rabbi's Study
by Nancy Larner

I have been an early-childhood educator for most of my professional life, teaching young children in public and private schools, special ed, and later in our local religious school. What I came to realize is that teaching through art is a stimulating and rewarding avenue in which to motivate young children to learn about other scholastic areas. During an art lesson, there is never a right or wrong; consequently children feel good about what they are creating.
Itís an easy jump to get them to write or dictate a story about their piece.

As far back as I can remember, scrounging has been a way of life for me. I delight in discovering the potential a found object has within it. The prospect that the "find" can be an entirely new and unpredicted outcome is thrilling to me. I believe this is a big reason that I so much love teaching. Youngsters are largely unhampered in their thinking. They see what grown-ups ignore as mundane with fresh eyes. Therefore we can share equally the excitement of a discovery that is both timeless and ageless.

Throughout my teaching years, I designed jewelry, created a multitude of needlework crafts, and, to this day, paint on garage-sale furniture -- reviving a discard and elevating it to a piece of art. Some of these reincarnations have found new life in art galleries.

Less than ten years ago, I took my first writing class and realized that memories and experiences can be placed on paper in such a way as to be useful, entertaining, nostalgic, and poignant. Of course this new (for me) art form was exciting; it smacked of scavenging through my own personal brain "dump," retrieving an item and creating an artful story around it. I learned, and am still learning, how to use the skills of writing to express myself. Luckily, several editors understood that expression and have published some of my poems. I was pleased to have been selected as March, 2008, Poet of the Month, by Poetica Magazine, Reflections of Jewish Thought,

I have been dedicated to keeping Jewish history alive through prose, poetry, and art works. My latest effort, "A Mouse in the Rabbiís Study," was simply fun to write.

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