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Jewish Recipes --> Jewish Cooking Terms / Dictionary --> Treif --> Insects

Insects - Page 5

DATES - Checking

Cut open and check inside for worms whilst holding up to a good light.

N.B. You may NOT use pressed dates because the most inferior quality dates are pressed, and are crushed into a state which is impossible to check.

EITAN VAAL VEGETABLES – See “Insect Free” Vegetables.

FIGS – FRESH - Cleaning and checking

1. Wash the outside of each fig.
2. Halve each fig.
3. Turn each half inside out. Proceed immediately with the next step, because the worms very quickly hide between the fibers.
4. Methodically scrutinize the entire fig very slowly and carefully.
5. If you find any infestation discard the fig as there is likely to be more, which is difficult to find.
6. If you didn’t find infestation, place the fig face down in a glass of water. If you notice any floating worms, discard the fig. Otherwise you may eat it.

FIGS – DRIED - Cleaning and checking

1. Thoroughly wash the outside of each fig.
2. Cut away 1cm around the hole and discard.
3. Halve each fig.
4. Turn each half inside out.
5. Methodically scrutinize the entire fig very slowly and carefully.

GUAVAS – Checking

Guavas with a green skin or firm are usually not infested.

Check soft guavas in this way:

1. Cut each guava into four slices
2. Spread out the slices and allow to stand for 3 – 4 minutes.
3. Inspect the surfaces for small, light colored worms.

Bug Checker


These vegetables are grown in an environment, which eliminates all the types of insects that normally breed on the vegetables. However, it’s impossible to get rid of a small black fly that breeds in the water (not the vegetable) and sometimes lies on the vegetable.

Therefore you must rinse all sides of these vegetables under running water.

LEEK - Cleaning

1. Cut off the roots from the end of the white bulb.
2. Cut at least ˝ way through the length of the leek.
3. Separate all the leaves.
4. Soak them in very soapy water for 3 minutes.
5. Thoroughly rinse both sides of each leaf under a tap of running water.

Special attention must be paid to the ridge of fine leaf tissue, which is found on the inner surface of the outer leaves.

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