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Insects - Page 4


1. Separate ALL the leaves.
2. Soak all the leaves for three minutes in very soapy water.
3. Rinse both sides of each leaf individually under a stream of running water. Make sure the water runs through all the crevices.
4. No visual check is necessary.

Alternate Method for Cabbage That Will Be Cooked

1. Wrap in plastic and freeze for at least 48 hours.
2. Thaw, but not completely.
3. Separate and rinse both sides of each leaf under a stream of running water. Make sure the water runs through all the crevices.
4. No visual checking is necessary.

Cabbage Recipes


1. Check the leaves using one of the methods mentioned for lettuce. (Checking / cleaning)
1. Separate all the stalks and rinse under running water whilst brushing with a nylon brush along all surfaces – both inside and out. (Cleaning)

CITRUS FRUIT – Checking and / or Cleaning

Citrus fruit often have “scale insects” on the peel. Usually measuring about 1,5mm, these black or brown deposits usually come off when pressing a fingernail against their side. Even if you don’t eat the peel, the insects often come off in the process of cutting, peeling and / or squeezing.

1. If the peel appears absolutely clean you may use it as is. But if not, then:
2. If you peel the fruit, rinse off the fruit and your hands after peeling.
3. If you:-

  • squeeze the fruit* use a slice in other foods (e.g. slice of lemon in a drink)
  • If you eat the fruit off the peel (e.g. quartered oranges)
  • then first brush down the peel with a nylon brush under running water.

Bug Checker

CORN (MIELIES) - Cleaning

In this country both white and yellow mielies on the cob have often been found to be infested. It is impossible to get rid of the infestation whilst still on the cob, as the thrip hide between the kernels.
The only way that corn may be eaten is by

1. cutting all the kernels off the cob,

2. soaking them for 3 minutes in very soapy water, and

3. thoroughly rinsing them through a sieve or colander.

Frozen or Tinned Corn may be used as these have been extremely thoroughly rinsed in the factory.
BABY CORN - Cleaning

Rinse under a tap of running water.

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