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Jewish Cookbooks - Collectible Collection


Shalom on the Range
A Roundup of Recipes and Jewish Traditions from Colorado Kitchens

The recipes were submitted by residents of the Denver metro area and were tried three times by testing committees before decision was made to put them in Shalom on the Range.

Used - Collectible
(June 1997) Wimmer Companies, Inc.
ISBN: 0965684903 ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.46 x 9.63 x 8.83

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Pueblo Pecan Bread - From Shalom on the Range

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Shalom on the Range a roundup of recipes and Jewish traditions from Colorado Kitchens 

Book Description: Jewish Cooking   Many traditional Jewish recipes, Southwestern cuisine and good American dishes. All are made with kosher ingredients and specify whether meat or dairy.   SHALOM ON THE RANGE is a carefully chosen collection of favorite recipes from Colorado's Jewish community. It blends contemporary recipes you can cook every day, creative new ideas for holidays, and classic recipes passed down from generation to generation. The recipes are all observant of kosher dietary laws and oriented to today's busy and health-conscious cook. Adding a unique flavor to the cookbook are its warm memories and stories. For beginners as well as experienced cooks, it is a resource for celebrating Jewish heritage and traditions - with a dash of Western flavor.

About the Author
This cookbook has been lovingly put together by hundreds of volunteers. All recipes have been double or triple tested. All proceeds from the sale of this cookbook go to Shalom Park, a continuum of care facility for the eldery.

Create treasured food memories with this collection of favorite recipes from Colorado's Jewish community. These recipes are all Kosher and contain nutritional analyses. Features Jewish holiday menus and a special Passover section. Learn successful high altitude bread making by hand or with a bread machine. Challah for Shabbos!

Beyond the cute title, this is a good compilation of 350 donated recipes that may surprise Easterners who don't give much thought to substantial Jewish communities in the western states. The subtitle is "A Roundup of Recipes and Jewish Traditions from Colorado Kitchens.'' It was put together by an organization raising funds for a Denver-area Jewish continuum-of-care organization for the elderly.

The spiral-bound, sepia-toned book opens with an introduction to Jewish dietary laws, along with suggested menus for major holidays, but that doesn't limit the potential enjoyment. Many of the dishes are for any palate.

The gamut of recipes runs from an excellent section on breads to some regionally popular dishes (Copper Mountain turkey chili, Telluride apple pie), a host of seafood dishes heavily dominated by salmon, and homey little anecdotes dropped in here and there. The type face is clear and legible, each recipe boxed by a shaded area for quick reference, and the index is well-thought-out.

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