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Jewish Recipes --> Food and Health --> H2O - Tap Water or Bottle Water -- L'chaim

Consult your Doctor, FDA and your local Water Company.

Which is better tap water or bottle water?

First of all, water that comes out the tap is 100% Kosher, clean, cheap and good for you! L'chaim!

Your water needs depend on many factors, including your health, how active you are and where you live.

According to an article that appears in the February 2008 Reader's Digest more that 25% of bottle water comes from a public source.

We consume over 8 billion gallons of bottled water in 2006 - 10% more than 2005. Cost of bottled water per gallon is more expensive than a gallon of gas and is essentially the same as what you would get out of the tap.

The prefect recipe for tap water is to add a lemon. What Are the Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water? Apart from being an amazing body alkalizer/alkaliser, lemon water also gives the following health benefits:

  • Lemons are antiseptic
  • Lemon water has excellent digestive properties and can ease heartburn, bloating and other digestion problems
  • Lemon water cleanses and stimulates the liver and kidneys
  • Lemon juice contains calcium, magnesium and potassium
  • Lemon juice has been known to relieve asthma
  • Lemon water (hot) offers relief from cold and flu symptoms while providing some much needed Vitamin C
  • Lemon juice is a great skin cleanser

If you do not do anything else - start every single day with a glass of lovely lemon water!

  • Don't reuse the bottles unless you have cleaned the bottle thoroughly.
  • Pros and Cons of tap vs. bottle -- its seem it comes down to cost. Bottle water expensive.  On the other hand, some  claim bottle water taste better.
  • Be careful of urban legends.....

Blessing for water is Shehakol:

Before eating or drinking any other foods (such as water, meat, fish, dairy, mushrooms, and all beverages other than wine and olive oil, including fruit juice):

Ba-ruch a-tah A-do-nai E-lo-hei-nu Me-lech Ha-o-lam, she-ha-kol ni-h'yeh bid-va-ro.

Blessed are You, HaShem, our God, King of the Universe, by whose word everything comes to be.

Plastic water bottles have been proved to break down into carcinogenic compounds when reused or frozen.

False. According to

Q: What do you make of this recent email warning that claims dioxins can be released by freezing water in plastic bottles?

A: This is an urban legend. There are no dioxins in plastics. In addition, freezing actually works against the release of chemicals. Chemicals do not diffuse as readily in cold temperatures, which would limit chemical release if there were dioxins in plastic, and we don't think there are.

According to

U.S. FDA "Standards of Identity" for Bottled Water

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