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Jewish Recipes --> Food and Health -- > Food Safety Education --> Butter or Margarine

You must consult Doctor on all health and medical and your Rabbi concerning all kosher and Jewish Law issues. This web site is for informational purposes ONLY.

Butter is made from cream which comes from a cow. Margarine is made primarily from oil.

  • Which taste butter or margarine? Most people agree that butter taste better and has been around for hundreds of years.
  • Which is better?  First, always consult your doctor.  Life is full of choices and we believe the best choice is to follow the advice of a medical doctor.  If you are going to butter or margarine -- moderation is the best advice.
  • Searching the internet found some disturbing information on butter or margarine -- Snopes reports most are half-truths.

In order to make the margarine solid, it is chemically modified because oils at liquid at room temperature. This process produces transfats. They are not healthy. But if you want Parve recipes often margarine is your go to since butter is out. From a health point of view it is terrible. But in most cases the people at highest risk of problems from butter are making copious bad food choices and butter is the least if their problems. Look at the French: Wine cheese and butter and they are healthier.

From a health point of view most of the time when we as Jews try to modify a recipe from dairy to parve it is toxic nutritionally. Margarine. Mocha mix. Etc.

Facts margarine: Hippolyte Mège-Mouriès (Draguignan 24 October 1817 - Paris 31 May 1880) was a French chemist and the inventor of margarine.

He was born as Hippolyte Mège, the son of a primary school teacher, but later added his mother's surname to his own. In 1838, Mège obtained a job in the central pharmacy of the Hôtel-Dieu hospital in Paris and started to publish original contributions in applied chemistry.

Mège focussed on fat processing in the 1860s, which culminated in 1869 in a patent for margarine. His invention involved mixing processed beef tallow with skimmed milk, and resulted in a cheap but qualitatively good substitute for butter 'for the working class and incidentally the Navy'. Mège received a prize from the French government, formally led by Emperor Louis Napoleon III. In 1871, Mège sold his invention to the Dutch firm Jurgens, one of the pillars of Unilever.

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